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    Welcome to Angel's Wish: Serving Seniors, The Disabled and our Veterans with Goods and Services

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    Welcome to Angel's Wish: Serving Seniors, The Disabled and our Veterans with Goods and Services

    364 Recker Highway, Auburndale, FL 33823 -888-958-0454
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    Welcome to Angel's Wish: Serving Seniors, The Disabled and our Veterans with Goods and Services

    364 Recker Highway, Auburndale, FL 33823 -888-958-0454

Angel’s Story

He believed it was the last straw. His face was burned by a freak accident, and he had lost all hope. He had a tough life and was now living in a place he called a “crack house”.








With nowhere to turn and little money, he decided to end his life. He gathered up and saved his pills, over a week’s worth. It was time and then a knock on his door. He went and opened the door and as he called them,”… Two Angels stood there”.
He said, “They looked like angels because the sun was shining behind them.” He invited them in. They were Angel McGarrity-Davis, RN and Lisa Stewart, RN from AMD Heath Care Solutions, Inc. They had heard about the accident and wanted to offer their services. They sat together and discussed his conditions with him. They told him they could help. He told me later that he “cried real alligator tears.” Well, long story short, he is now in a rehab center near his home, and these “Angels” stop by to see him frequently.


There are many more folks like this man. They have reached their wit’s end or have no money to improve their condition in life. Angel’s Wish is a non-profit organization founded by Angel McGarrity-Davis. She and the staff at Angel’s Wish want to serve folks like him with non-medical goods and services. Our desire from each of you is simple; we need you to catch this vision and help.



We can’t help everyone, but with your willing heart, we can provide needed supplies, transportation, goods and services to one person at a time. Our donation button is ready …are you willing to give?

Message from CEO


Letter of Introduction

Every successful venture starts with an idea and a passion. This one began when my daughter was 17 years old. She was working part-time at a nursing home in Wilmington, Delaware. On Thanksgiving that year she called and asked if she could bring a friend home for dinner. My response was positive, and I told her we always had room for one more. It wasn’t long; while I waited on the front porch, I saw her car coming down the road.  Instead of coming in the driveway, however, she drove in the grass straight up to the porch, got out and helped a little old gentleman out of the car and up the steps. As she passed me, she said, “ Daddy, he had nobody”! It was then I knew she had made the right career decision to work in long term care. That was 30 years ago, and her passion has never been stronger.

She received her registered nursing degree while working, of course, at a skilled nursing facility. Her career blossomed. She quickly became assistant director of nursing then on to director of nursing. At the age of 30, she and her family made a move to Florida. With her experience it wasn’t long before she got a  director of nursing position, then regional director and finally Vice President of Clinical Services for an independent company that operated ten skilled facilities in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado.

After much prayer and some personal life changes, she decided at age 39 to embark on a forever changing career move. She resigned her position and started AMD Healthcare Solutions, Inc.  Its prime focus was to provide transitional care for those folks that needed personal and professional health care assistance. The one thing she noticed was that older people, the disabled and our veterans needed coordination of care to bridge the gap between the patient and their primary care physician.  There were and are so many that are missing the personal touch. She and her staff now do just that.

Her passion for helping with health care issues revealed an even greater need. Many who needed coordination of care also needed non-medical personal goods and services beyond the scope or ability of her company.  She called me once again and asked what I thought about a non-profit company to help. She said that it was her wish that she could help more like the older gentleman on that Thanksgiving Day. She called this new idea, “Angel’s Wish.”

It has been seven years in the making, but now it is here.  Angel’s Wish is a 501 (c) (3) company. She asked me to develop the business model with the motto “ Serving seniors, the disabled and our veterans’ with goods and services.” She would concentrate on her coordination of care while Angel’s Wish would provide the help needed to improve and give each person a better quality of life.

You might ask, what can I do or how can I help?  We are not trying to become a typical non-profit company. Our goal is to help one person at a time and give back much more than we are blessed with. You can help with donations, becoming a volunteer, or sponsor and even suggesting ideas to make this company more successful.

By the way, my daughter’s name is Angelic Lentz McGarrity-Davis, otherwise known as “Angel” and I am one proud father.

Written with Love and praise to His Name




Angel’s Wish is a non profit 501 (c) (3) company that was founded to serve seniors, disabled, and veterans with non-medical goods and services. Many people in these groups have basic needs that go unnoticed: walkers with seats, a seat in the bathtub, a light weight wheelchair and so many more needs that go unmet because of red tape and lack of funding. A growing number of people can’t afford these basic needs.

More of our elderly are on fixed incomes than ever before. Yes, it’s a real problem for them. Many have to choose between food and their own personal safety. At Angel’s Wish we believe they can… and should… have both.

These special groups need our help. Remember your parents or grandparents…… or maybe you know someone now in one of these groups that could use our help?

Is there any reason why you can’t help them? Are you willing and able to make a donation?

Please go to our website at www.angels-wish.org ? Just scroll down to the donate button. Your tax deductible contribution will help to bridge the gap.

Won’t you give today?


I was so touched when I heard what you all do for the seniors. I work with elderly Volunteers who struggle with computers and anything online. I hear stories of them being taken advantage of and I find myself continuously talking about the need for an organization like yours with my friends and family. I think people just need a little extra help filling out forms and making phone calls and helping them get the information that they need. I was very close to my Grandparents and I cared for two of them when they battled cancer. I also was the primary caretaker for my grandma in her 1st stages of Alzheimer’s. I saw what they went thru with not being able to fill out medical forms online or in person or just dealing with the pharmacy or the multiple appointments keeping track and just knowing what questions to ask or who to ask. I believe that God had you come into the gift shop for a reason. I would love to donate some of my free time to support your cause. I live in Davenport FL. I would love further information about how I could donate my time.

Thank you for all you do.
Nikki Pettigrove.

Miss Fran Katsoris has not been out of her house to do anything besides go to doctors appointments in almost 3 years we took her to breakfast this morning! And she wanted me to thank all of the angels that I’ve helped her to get a new doctor and be seen by cardiologist later this month things that she has not been able to get done AMD healthcare was able to get that done for her thank you all for everything that you do!

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